Fan Love Beauty


Parsippany NJ—February 20, 2020 — FanLoveBeauty is an aspirational beauty brand devoted to the ones we love. The “one” meaning who inspire, entertain or educate us. We invite YOU to tell us #WhoDoYouLove and we will create products for the people you love. The first collection is for SPEAKERS and people who TALK a lot! We are launching a 100% natural, vegan, moisturizing lip balm with superfoods that are known to nourish such as mango butter, avocado and flaxseed oil. This special lip balm also contains a natural sea asparagus known to boost moisturization by up to 6000%. Equally important is what the lip balm is formulated without. It contains no petrolatum, lanolin or beeswax commonly seen in other lip balms. We are 100% clean beauty. 

The first product Stage Balm for Lips was conceived when the founder, cosmetic chemist Ginger King, was talking to her celebrity crush the Shark Tank Star Daymond John. He took out a lip balm and applied in front of her. A lightbulb came on, If it is something that close to Daymond (In-his-pocket, on-his-lips), it has to be MINE as Ginger recalled. Being a super fan of Daymond, Ginger developed the first ever lip balm targeting speakers and people who talk a lot. Speakers’ lips can feel dry yet their long speaking engagement schedule may not allow them to drink enough water. A moisturizing lip balm packed with healthy, good for you ingredients thus become essential especially lip balms could be ingested. 

Unlike the conventional natural lip balms, this lip balm contains no beewax as beeswax is obtained from beehives thus disturbing the homes in which bees live. Daymond John is an advocate for #SavetheBees thus, it is paramount that being kind to bees is a brand pillar. Additionally, FanLoveBeauty will donate portions of proceeds to benefit suicide prevention foundation as many of those who inspire, entertain and educate us were gone too soon due to depression then suicide. This lip balm includes feel-good ingredients like mango and oranges along with a refreshing peppermint scent to boot your mood. It is meant to moisturize, empower and refresh you so you can feel like you are a dynamic speaker. 

FanLoveBeauty Stage Balm For lips comes in tinted and untinted in a recyclable package. Use it before your meetings, interviews and negotiations for the extra confident boost and whenever your lips feel dry. 

A single unit retails for $8.88 or a 4-pack one month supply for $28.88 (18% Savings). The products are available on 

“The Stage Balm For Lips makes my lips feel extra smooth. I use it all the time especially before I go on stage to deliver a keynote. I simply love it!”  Daymond John 

The Many FIRSTS: 

  • The first ever vegan lip balm designed for speakers and people who talk a lot. 
  • The first ever aspirational beauty brand to make products for those who INSPIRE, EDUCATE, and Entertain us. When you use the product, you will feel empowered just like the ones you aspire. 
  • The first ever beauty brand with a social cause for #savethebees and #SuicidePrevention 
  • The first beauty brand invites YOU to tell us #WhoDoYouLove and we will make the products for them provided they must inspire, educate and entertain the society. 

The Stage Balm for Lips embodies the spirit of Daymond John for the following reasons: 

  • Daymond John advocates a healthy person can have 1000 dreams but a sick person can only have one dream- to get better. Using a healthy lip balm should be the #1 health goal especially lip balms can be ingested. 
  • Daymond John supports #Savethebees. FanLoveBeauty will never use any bee-related products including beeswax commonly seen in natural lip balms. 
  • Daymond John makes people feel special. This Stage Balm for lips contains ingredients known to help with better moods such as mango and orange, super foods like avocado and flaxseed to nourish the lips and a natural sea asparagus that costs $1000/kg to boost hydration. Conventional natural lip balm just has a feel good factor and rarely contains natural actives. This makes the lip balm super special. 
  • Daymond John carries lip balms with him. To fit in his pocket nicely without poking out, this recyclable oval package fits comfortably even in jeans. 
  • Daymond John travels extensively so a refreshing peppermint flavor in the lip balm can help for a quick pick-me-up. 
  • Daymond John encourages brands to have a social cause to give back. As entrepreneurs, the road is often lonely and can easily go down the suicidal path without proper support. Thus, FanLoveBeauty will donate portions of proceed to Suicide Prevention Foundation. 

Use The Stage Balm For Lips whenever your lips feel dry, or before your meetings, your interviews, or negotiations, you can be empowered to deliver an impactful speech.