Fan Love Beauty

What makes Stage Balm For Lips Special?

  • The first Lip Balm Designed for Speakers and People Who Talk A Lot. This is like MAC was created for professional makeup artists, but anyone who aspired to be a makeup artist buys the products.
  • The first Lip Balm Free of Beeswax + Enriched with clinically proven natural hydrating active ( $1000/kg) and a blend of superfoods like mango, avocado, and flaxseed, is spiked with refreshing peppermint scent to wake you up.
  • The lip balm does not contain SPF because most of the speaking engagements are done indoors. There are too many controversial on the toxicity of sun filters. Since lip balm can be ingested, choosing the healthiest natural lip balm should be a top priority.
  • The lip balm packaging is flat-oval, so it fits in trouser pockets and less sticking out like traditional shapes. The package is recyclable.